Our Fleet


NRB Logistics consists of the following fleet:

42 x Horses

8 x End-tippers (30m3)


Our trailers consists of:

15 x Super-link (Flatdecks) – average 34 ton

4 x Super-link Taut-liners

10 x 12m Flatbed tri-axles – average 28 tons

11 x 6m trailers (skeletons)

1 x 12m trailer (skeleton)

3 x Sliding End Tipper

3 x End Tipper


Our Specialized Trailers Consist of:

1 x 90ton Low-bed dbl-axle Dolly

1 x 80ton Low-bed dbl-axle Dolly

2 x 65ton Low-bed dbl-axle Dolly

4 x 50ton Low-bed

4 x 45ton Low-bed

2 x 17m Super deck (2.8m Wide)

3 x 17m Step deck

4 x Extendable trailers (22m)


Our entire fleet is managed by qualified & experienced drivers who are well acquainted with the routes to the various areas.


Loading of goods

1 x Kalmar Reach Stacker Container Lift

5  x Forklifts


Fleet Maintenance/Service Records

All our fleet is maintained to factory specifications.